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we are determined to deliver it

The board of directors is the leading organ in the Warehouses of central Switzerland Ltd. – and, therefore, all of its appertaining companies and subsidiaries. The board of directors constitutes itself and is voted upon every three years by the general assembly. The rights and obligations of the board of directors are multifaceted. Their main objective is to develop and to follow up on the strategy of all holding companies, to oversee management and leadership and to consider and represent shareholder expectations and values.

All holding companies and subsidiaries submit detailed MIS reports to the board of directors.


Board of directors

Stéphane Meyer, Aarau, Präsident und Delegierter
Dr. Markus Letsch, Baar
Dr. Hans-Peter Zehnder, Meisterschwanden
Madelyne Meyer, Aarau
Daniel Sieber, Biberstein



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